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Welcome To Chase’s World Of Toys

Dear Awesome person, welcome to our website Chase’s World Of Toys! Chase has been hard at work playing with all the toys in our shop to make sure that only the best of the best, primo toys make it onto this website. Whether you are looking for active toys, a fun arts & craft project, or perhaps a toy of the electronic variety, we’ve got something here for you.

Looking for confusion? Look no further than our awesome puzzles, which are guaranteed to break your spirit long before you break them. We’re a big fan of RC stuff, so naturally, we have some of the best remote controlled toys around.

But why, we hear you ask, would you want to buy toys from our tiny little shop? It’s a great question that we are more than happy to answer.

For one, our website may be small but it is perfectly formed. For two, we offer a stupendous shopping guarantee which includes Free Shipping & No Sales Tax on ALL orders (seriously Amazon, you must try harder). For threesies, we are in the business of finding and delivering the most awesome toys to your doorstep, unlike Toys ‘R’ Us which isn’t even in business! Finally, all monies collected from this here fine website will be spent on our quest to find the ultimate toy!