Chase and Peter, Yesterday
Chase and Peter, Yesterday

Chase’s World Of Toys

Chase’s World Of Toys is an online toy store that sells the best toys with Free Shipping and No Tax for everyone. The site is owned and operated by a father and son team.

All of the toys are hand-selected by a real-life boy named Chase, then uploaded to the site by a real-life dad named Peter, who, luckily for Chase, just happens to be an internet marketing guy!

We built this site because we realized Chase spends so much playing with toys and dad spends so much time building websites, the best way to see more of each other is by starting a toy shop website!

Well, that’s not the only reason we started the site, and we actually spend quite a bit of time together, but as our Great-grandmother Jeanie used to say:

Son, Never let the truth get in the way of a good story!

We’ve got big plans for the website, and we’re super happy we’ve made it this far. You can read the full story of how we got started on our blog.